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The total number of staff of WBIDFC, as on 01.04.2016, including the junior functionaries and other staff is only 42 including four casual staff. WBIDFC believes in having nimble staff complement and retooling and reskilling them through proper training and rotation of duties. Notwithstanding the skeleton staff strength, with dedicated service of the staff members, the Corporation has earned its present reputation as one of the few State Government Undertakings which have kept its audited accounts up-to-date and have earned uninterrupted profit since 2004-05. As mentioned earlier, with Company’s paid-up capital of Rs. 175.301 cr. The net worth of the WBIDFC stands increased to Rs. 933 crore (unaudited) as on 31.03.2016. The upward trajectory of the Company’s reputation has largely been due to commitment and hard work of the staff members.

 The average age of the staff members is 44.


Sl. No. Full Name Designation e-mail
1 Shri Asok Kumar Das Managing Director md@wbidfc.co.in
2 Shri Biswajit Maity Chief Financial Officer cfo@wbidfc.co.in
3 Shri Ananya Kumar Kali Company Secretary cs@wbidfc.co.in
4 Smt Anuradha Gupta Head, Credit & Investment credit@wbidfc.co.in
5 Shri Rajat Kanti Dasgupta Advisor & Chief Risk Officer strategy@wbidfc.co.in
6 Vacant Chief Consultant Engineer (Vacant) projects@wbidfc.co.in
7 Shri Jyotirmoy Banerjee Head, HRD & Personnel,P.S. to Chairman hr@wbidfc.co.in
8 Shri Gopal Chandra Banerjee Chief Technology Officer cto@wbidfc.co.in
9 Shri Asim Kumar Bhattacharya

Officer on special Duty (3S) and P.S. to Managing Director, Designated Official for Prevention of Money Laundering ACT, 2002 & Official responsible for KYC Compliance

10 Shri Shobhan Poddar Accounts Officer bonds@wbidfc.co.in
11 Shri Samiran Mukherjee Credit & Marketing Officer loan@wbidfc.co.in
12 Smt Puja Guin Assistant Company Secretary asst.cs@wbidfc.co.in



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