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E- Mail


Sl. No. Full Name Designation e-mail
1 Dr. Abhirup Sarkar Chairman chairman@wbidfc.co.in
2 Shri Asok Kumar Das Managing Director md@wbidfc.co.in
3 Shri Biswajit Maity Chief Financial Officer cfo@wbidfc.co.in
4 Shri Ananya Kumar Kali Company Secretary cs@wbidfc.co.in
5  Shri Rajat Kanti Dasgupta Advisor & Chief Risk Officer strategy@wbidfc.co.in
6 Shri Jyotirmoy Banerjee Head, HRD & Personnel & P.S. to Chairman hr@wbidfc.co.in
7 Smt Anuradha Gupta Head (Credit & Investment) credit@wbidfc.co.in
8 Shri Naba Kumar Mukhopadhyay Vigilance Officer  
9 Shri Gopal Chandra Banerjee Chief Technology Officer  cto@wbidfc.co.in
10 Shri Asim Kumar Bhattacherjee Officer on special Duty (3S) and P.S. to Managing Director, Designated Official for Prevention of Money Laundering ACT, 2002 & Official responsible for KYC Compliance wbidfc.sss@wbidfc.co.in
11 Vacant Chief Consultant Engineer (Vacant) projects@wbidfc.co.in 
12 Smt Puja Guin Assistant Company Secretary asst.cs@wbidfc.co.in
13 Shri Sobhan Poddar Accounts Officer aoit@wbidfc.co.in
14 Shri Samiran Mukherjee Credit & Marketing Officer loan@wbidfc.co.in 
15 Shri Arindam Mukherjee Accounts Officer am@wbidfc.co.in
16 Shri Anirban Mandal Investment Officer investment@wbidfc.co.in
17 Shri Manas Sarkar Accounts Officer(Project) sankalpaquery@wbidfc.co.in 
18 Shri. Avijit Hazra Junior Accounts Officer accounts_36A@wbidfc.co.in
19 Sk. Habibul Islam Sub-Assistant Engineer (Civil) projects@wbidfc.co.in
20 Shri Sujan Mistry Sub Assistant Engineer  
21 Shri Utpal Chatterjee Executive Assistant attached to Managing Director ea@wbidfc.co.in
22 Shri Debabrata Ghosal Executive Assistant  
23 Shri Sumantra Chowdhury Executive Assistant  
24 Shri Soumen Pradhan Accounts Assistant accounts@wbidfc.co.in
25 Smt. Sharmila Maitra Accounts Assistant smrr@wbidfc.co.in
26 Smt. Anjana Kundu  Assistant  
27 Smt. Supriya Mukherjee Receptionist cum Telephone Operator wbidfc@wbidfc.co.in
28 Smt Debashree Das Dealing Assistant & Data Entry Operator da_deo@wbidfc.co.in 
29 Smt. Sananda Majumder Systems Assistant  (Software) sa@wbidfc.co.in
30 Shri Sutanu Kundu Junior System Assistant (Hardware & Networking) jsa@wbidfc.co.in
31 Shri Somnath Sarkar Accounts Assistant bonds@wbidfc.co.in
32 Shri Siddeswar Mondal Attendant
33 Smt. Bharati Mondal Attendant
34 Shri Subodh Singh Attendant
35 Shri Monotosh Dutta Attendant
36 Shri Akram Ali Mondal Subordinate Staff
37 Shri Nimesh Haldar Subordinate Staff
38 Shri Biswajit Adhikary Attendant cum Messenger
39 Shri Sushanta Chakraborty Driver-cum-Messenger
40 Shri Asok Shaw Driver-cum-Messenger
41 Shri Byomkesh Bera Canteen Worker  
42 Smt. Minu Naskar Canteen Worker  



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